Moto g7 power not sending text messages

Power button Your Power button helps in a few ways. » Power on/off: Press and hold the Power button, then tap Power off. When your phone is off, press and hold the Power button to turn it on. » Sleep: To conserve battery power or prevent accidental touches, put the touchscreen to sleep by pressing the Power button. This guide explains the meaning of status and notification icons in Galaxy S6 and other Samsung phones including mobile network, messaging, WiFi, USB, system,Bluetooth related icons. Here's how to check settings if you can't connect to the internet or send / receive messages on your moto g7 power. ... Learn about sending a text message to a non ... My mobile data wasn't turned on.... working now. I just got a new Moto G5 Plus and noticed today that I'm not receiving any pictures that are sent to me on text. I get a message that there's a MMS message to download, but it just spins and doesn't show up. I had a Moto G3 pre... #ATTCOMMUNITY

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While composing a message, tap → Schedule sending. Tick Schedule sending, set a time and date, and then tap Done. The device will send the message at the specified time and date. If the device is turned off at the scheduled time, is not connected to the network, or the network is unstable, the message will not be sent.

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Activating voicemail on an Android phone 1. Turn on the power for your phone and open the Phone app. Turn your phone on and tap the Phone app, as if you were going to call a person. 2. Open the dial pad so that you can enter your voicemail system's number. Next, tap the dial pad icon in the bottom-middle of the screen. 3. Picture messages can contain media files such as pictures and audio files. You can send picture messages to one or more phones and to email addresses. If you can't send and receive picture messages, follow this guide to solve the problem.