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I can't remember if the 4 car powerbase checks for the presence of a controller in the socket before programming a car. Anyway, check by plugging a controller into every socket and trying every combination of car being programmed to every ID and also sit cars on both lanes for programming, to thoroughly check all combinations and possibilities. Easy Lap Counter. Easy Lap Counter is simple way to track your R/C races. It uses a standard external web camera to watch a section of your track for movement. Moving cars are recognized by color, and laps counts and lap times are tracked. Easy Lap Counter is free to use. Oct 06, 2016 · 4 Lane Scalrxtric Digital Racing PB6 - posted in Scalextric Digital (APB, ARC PRO): I want to expand my Digital Scalextric Pit Stop Challenge track to 4 lanes. I have the Power Base 6. Seems expansion is easy enough with plenty of extra track. Thing is that my Hobby Store tells me that my lap counter will not work with 4 lanes. They say that I will have to funnel the 4 lane track to 2 lanes in ...

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Variety of old scalextric track, including: 7 X Straight P/60 6 X Straight P/59 2 X Straight P/75 4 X switchover C182-0010 2 X PT74, 2 X PT/78 A/261 2 X Pit lane IMP3 + PT/95/S PT/91 20 X CURVE PT51 16 X CURVE MM/ PT53 2 X CURVE PT52 2 X BRIDGE S97 I have a Scalextrix set that we got and I was going ... Scalextric Digital 4 Lane Layout with 3 Lane Changers / Pit Lane Game / Lap Counter / Chicane & 4 Cars (Track 33) This Is Quite a Large Layout Approx 10.5 x 5 Feet, Running Length 43.2 Feet